A documentary short produced by Gena Al Aker (for University of the Arts London) describing my motivations for painting, "exploring identity and self expression, exploring cultural stereotypes to a global audience".

A feature interview with Al Jazeera Arabic in October 2016 - "This is My Story", speaking about my journey and influences, and first solo exhibition, Emotive Memories.

BBC World News asked to interview me about my Egypt inspired paintings - to commemorate 2 years since the Revolution began. The show was live around the World... here is the video of "Impact". It's an interesting discussion, and I'm glad that my paintings, in the news studio background, evoke a sense of events in Egypt.

This documentary short, produced by Chris Dias, observes and follows the journey of a recent Egypt inspired painting, "Pheonix Rising"...

At Mozilla Firefox HQ talking about Gaia: a multidisciplinary project combining digital data and painting.